Book Launch : Yoga on Prescription

Heather Mason & Paul Fox
Get Direction

Jointly dedicated to yoga’s integration into health care, Heather Mason and Paul Fox, founded the Yoga in Healthcare Alliance (YIHA) to garner support for this effort, develop strategies for effective implementation, and educate the public. Soon after its establishment, YIHA was commissioned by the NHS to create a yoga social prescribing, Yoga4Health, evaluated by the University of Westminster. The sizable success of the Yoga4Health programme led the co-founders to train hundreds of others to deliver the programme. Yoga on Prescription discusses how yoga can address the overwhelming problem of non-communicable diseases via prevention and early intervention.

The book further delves into the Yoga4Health programme providing a rationale for its components, reviewing the link between yoga and psychophysiological social change, furnishing readers with tools to improve their own health, and offering a road map for others that wish to integrate yoga into health systems.

The launch will include presentations by Heather Mason examining yoga in healthcare around the globe and from Paul Fox discussing the future of the Yoga4Health programme and yoga and social prescribing.