Dance: Enchanting Dances of Magnificent Assam Chinnu Kishore & Bahana Saikia

Chinnu Kishore & Bahana Saikia
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Assam, a treasure among the Seven Sisters of India's northeast, unfolds with awe-inspiring landscapes, abundant wildlife, luscious silk, skilled handicrafts, and the heavenly Assam tea.

Dance, a vibrant portrayal of regional culture, finds its vivid expression in Assam's diverse ethnic dance forms. Nestled within this vibrant state, various indigenous tribes celebrate distinctive fairs and festivals, nurturing a rich tapestry of dance traditions.

The evening promises an immersive experience in Assam's folk and classical dances, brought to life by talented artists from the UK and India. Be enthralled by folk dances like Bihu, Jhumur, Tiwa, Rabha, Kushan, Hazong, and more.

With over 14 years of dedicated training, Bahana holds both a degree and a diploma in Sattriya, having honed her skills under the guidance of the internationally acclaimed Sattriya exponent, Guru Ramkrishna Talukdar. Recognized by the Indian Government as a Graded Artiste in Sattriya, Bahana, a graduate of the esteemed Royal College of Art, currently serves in Civil Services. Her aim is to create an impact by prioritising the needs and desires of the people in the solutions she designs.

Chinnu Kishore, the founder of Luiporia Nasoni and an influential figure in the NEICCUK and United Assam Association of the UK, has been a dedicated ambassador of Northeast India's rich art, culture, and inclusivity. In her professional life, she plays a pivotal role in promoting diversity and inclusivity at Turner and Townsend, earning recognition and awards both in the UK and India for her exceptional contributions to art, culture, and charitable endeavours. Her involvement in dance therapy projects for the elderly in Guwahati, India, reflects her commitment to using dance for healing.