Dance & Music: NupurNaad

Daithankar Troupe
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Nupurnaad is the unique Classical Dance and Music Concert represen0ng the rich cultural values of India by unique and talented Daithankar core family members where all are Na0onal Scholarship holders. Nupurnaad is the culmination of fast exuberant rhythmic endeavours with vibrant emotional expressions and beautiful coordination.

The Concert opens with Bharatnatyam Jugalbandi of mother daughter duo Dr Swati and Mrs. Nupur Daithankar Bag presenting a variety of compositions with attractive choreographies and fast tempo rhythmic presentations. This will be followed by musical extravaganza on Santoor by duo, father Dr Dhananjay Daithankar and son Ninad Daithankar exploring all lightening musical patterns on the Santoor. The grand finale will be all four of Daithankars performing on stage exploring all possibilities of Indian classical dance and music through interesting mythological stories, emotional drama with characterisation, rhythmic patterns, and melodious tunes.