Dance: Naayaki – The heroine

A thematic Bharatnatyam presentation
Vidyashree Radhakrishna
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Naayaki the heroine comprises three different characters, Goddess Rajarajeshwari, a yearning Gopika and an unsung heroine Amba from the epics of Mahabharatha.

The Rajarajeshwari Ashtakam: a hymn written on Goddess Sri Raja Rajeshwari, the divine queen of all kings. In this composition Goddess Devi’s splendor is celebrated. Padavarnam: a traditional composition of Bharatanatyam repertoire which showcases a young heroine, who is constantly waiting for her lover to be accepted by him.

Jwalamukhi Ambe: thematic solo presentation depicts the unsung heroine Ambe and her life full of hardships, agony and fight for the justice. It is to show that how a true love transforms into a destructive force, when a woman is humiliated by the society.

Vidyashree has performed at over thousands venues in India and abroad, as a solo performer and with her performing team. She has choreographed numerous solo, group and thematic presentations, and has conducted seminars and lecture demonstrations on various aspects of Bharatanatyam. A multifaceted artiste, Vidyashree is a performer, a trained vocalist, choreographer and a profound Nattuvanar. Vidyashree is a graded artiste of Bengaluru Doordarshan and ICCR Empaneled Artiste (Ministry of Culture).

Co performers- Shwetha Ravishankar and Ruth Prithika are the senior disciples of Vidyashree who are accomplished soloists performed at various platforms in India and abroad.