Untitled (Midnight) 2019
Dr Andy Broadey
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Untitled (Midnight) (2019) is a photographic installation that compares how buildings produced in post-partition India and architecture developed by the Indian diaspora in Britain have sought to convey faith and civic identity through architectural form. The work contrasts Le Corbusier’s use of cast concrete and modernist forms to produce the civic plan for Chandigarh, with the recent use of ancient stonemasonry to construct Hindu temples (such as Neasden Temple) in the United Kingdom. Th e exhibition addresses how themes of modernity, tradition and religious/civic belonging shape post-colonial identity both in India itself and throughout the Indian diaspora in the United Kingdom.

Andy Broadey is Lecturer in Contemporary Art, History and Theory at University of Central Lancashire. He uses photography to examine the contemporary significance of visions of modernity produced by The Third World Movement. He writes on post-relational art and its engagement with the conventions of the art exhibition.

Cameron McEwan is Lecturer in Architecture at University of Central Lancashire. His work focuses on the relationship between architecture, representation and subjectivity.

Mor Cohen is a PhD candidate in the Postgraduate Arts and Humanities Center at Manchester Metropolitan University. She examines issues of nomadism, utopia, and contemporary expressions of ethnicity.