A Brush with India
Daisy Perkins & Georgina Vest
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A Brush with India tells the stories of the people, landscape and day to day life of the rural communities in Southern India. The exhibition is the culmination of a two month residency that artists Daisy Perkins and Georgie Vestey spent with SCAD, an organisation working to improve the lives of people in over 600 villages in Tamil Nadu. Th e artists met and learnt about these communities as well as the comprehensive program of support that SCAD provides. With a view to capturing what they experienced in paint, Daisy and Georgie painted everywhere they could whether it be the side of a street, in the middle of a field or on the beach at dawn. Finding inspiration in the vibrancy of colour and light, and in the hospitality and kindness of the people, it is an engaging and enquiring show that seeks to celebrate the rural communities and highlight the dedicated work of SCAD. It showcases those paintings completed on location, as well as larger works produced in their studios.

Georgie is a young London based artist. Having studied at City and Guilds School of Art and London Fine Art Studios she now focuses on painting plain air. She finds painting from life leads to an interactive experience, facing the challenge of capturing a moment in time. Georgie can be found painting in beautiful locations from Scotland to Sri Lanka searching for inspiring landscapes.

Daisy Perkins is a classically trained artist based in London. She completed her training at London Fine Art Studios where she went on to teach. She has gone on to specialise in travel painting, excited and inspired by the different cultures and landscapes in which she finds herself. In her painting she hopes the viewer finds a celebration of People and a shared sense of humanity which weaves her travel work together. She is currently working on a documentary series that seeks to explore the world through the eyes of a painter.