Tagore in the light of Rembrandt: Photography Exhibition
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A unique photography exhibition on photographic re-creation of Tagore’s (The first Nobel laureate in literature) real and fictional characters in the light of Rembrandt's painting as part of the 350th death anniversary of this great painter.

Ten characters of Tagore from both real life and his works have been photographed using the form of powerful, poetic and strong visual way of Rembrandt’s painting by an award-winning photographer Pablo Khaled.

First of its kind exhibition will offer a stunning visual revival of Tagore’s popular characters e.g. Kadamvari Devi, Krishnakali through few models from the North Indrani Ghosh Sen, Nishat Afza and others by the selection of characteristically prominent moments and expressions. The costumes and set have been researched and designed by Gopali Chakraort-Ghosh.

The exhibition also entails a session of talk, recitation of poetry and music performance on Thursday 5 December in relation to the theme of photography from Tagore's work (with English translation) that will contribute more insight on the exhibition.

Pablo Khaled: A Bolton based photographer, currently awarded by Federation of Indian Photography and Kolkata Journalist Club for his tremendous work on street and portrait photography. Pablo has a highly acclaimed photography exhibition recently at Poplar Union in East London on the reflection of Tagore’s idea of feminism. The exhibition was co-presented by Rona Bhattacharya and directed by Dr Debashis Bhattacharya as part of Nari Chetona’s celebration of International Women’s Day.

In Association with The Gronthee

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