Exhibition: Exploring Legacy, Perception, and Urban Ideals

Nanda Khiara
On display till Friday 22 March 2024 from 10.00 am to 06.00 pm
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In her captivating exhibition, Nanda Khiara delves into the nuances of legacy, perception, and urban ideals through three distinctive series: "A Legacy Misconstrued,", "Cherry Blossom Chronicles" and "In Transition." Through a fusion of mixed media and a keen exploration of narratives, Khiara invites viewers to reconsider the legacy of visionaries like Da Vinci and contemplate the evolution of urban landscapes.

In “A Legacy Misconstrued”, Khiara ingeniously employs mixed media to examine the legacy of Da Vinci's visionary city designs. In “Cherry Blossom Chronicles”, her exploration of fine & digital abstract art is interspersed to create a unique perspective utilizing mixed media, including photography, fine art, and digital art, to craft complex and vibrant pieces. Through this series, she weaves a unique narrative, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the intersection of technology, culture, and imagination. Khiara's background in interior architecture and her recent mastery of blockchain and Web 3 technology add depth to her exploration. “In Transition” Khiara presents a deeply personal journey through her multicultural experiences and perspectives.

Born and raised in Kuwait, Khiara's art is enriched by her intricate understanding of diverse cultures, languages, and landscapes. This series exhibited at prestigious venues including UNESCO HQ Paris, offers a glimpse into the artist's intricate mind map, inviting viewers to traverse the intricate tapestry of her world. Through her three compelling series, Nanda Khiara invites viewers on a multifaceted exploration of legacy, perception, and urban ideals.