Exhibition: Kalidas – Timeless Colours

Dr. Bharti Jain
On display till Friday 28 April 2023 from 10.00 am to 06.00 pm
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A painting exhibition by Dr. Bharti Jain, inspired by the writings of legendary Sanskrit poet Kalidas. The paintings focus on Kalidas’s masterpiece Meghadutam, where the protagonist Yaksha, cursed by King Kuber lives in exile, separated from his beloved Yakshini. Lamenting and pining for his beloved, far away from home, he spots a cloud and requests the cloud to carry his message of love to his beloved Yakshini in Alkapuri. First Part of Meghadutam - “Poorvamegh”, describes the agony of the separation of Yaksha and the sedate rhythmic voyage of cloud messenger towards Alkapuri. Second Part- “Uttaramegh” describes Alkapuri in all its splendour and opulence and his beloved Yakshini’s elegant beauty, and her angst of separation.

Dr. Bharti Jain is from Kalidas’s city Ujjayini - a city with a great heritage of Art and culture. The current series is a blend of figurative narrative and semi-abstraction in mixed media, where Kalidas’s romance with nature, emotions, and details come alive on canvas. Multiple layers of colours are applied to create a unique visual and tactile appeal. Since Meghdutam has both Shringaar and Viraha Rasa, the artist tries to capture these Rasas very aesthetically in her ever-appealing artworks- Timeless Colours.