Exhibition: Mandala Art

Ekta Mody
Monday 11 September 2023 06.15 pm Inauguration
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Mandala in Sanskrit means a “circle” and with roots in India dating back to the 4th century, a mandala is a geometric design or pattern that represents the cosmos or deities in various heavenly worlds, holding a great deal of symbolism in Hindu and Buddhist cultures. Mandalas are believed to represent different aspects of the universe and are used as instruments of meditation and symbols of prayer.

With this universal energy aligned with one’s inner energy, “Prana” is an art exhibit of the different patterns and styles of Mandala Art, encapsulating the different energies that surround us and how it grounds us to our roots and culture. These would be handmade, inspired by ancient meditative art, showcasing the different varieties and creations around it that would surely leave art lovers enthralled and inspired by this non-conventional art form.

In association with Storybeyondlines. Storybeyondlines is conceptualised and aimed at bringing traditional, spiritual art to the world. Their key theme is: Promoting art that not only brings joy to people but also has soothing and transformative effects on one’s energy.

Artist: Ekta Mody. After earning an MBA and spending nearly a decade in the corporate world, India-based Ekta discovered her true passion for art. A self-taught artist since childhood, she's been creating for over a decade. Focused on spiritual connection, her love for mandala art grew, driving her to share it globally. Through workshops and custom pieces, Ekta balances her time between London and India, dedicated to expressing her art across border.