Exhibition: Yaatra

Aradhna Chaudhry
Monday 10 June 2024 06.30 pm Inauguration
On display till Friday 14 June 2024 from 10.00 am to 06.00 pm
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Aradhna Chaudhry portrays the folk culture existing in the state of Haryana, through employing regional folk motifs and the cherished craft of embroidery and crochet in her work. “Yaatra” is the voyage in which her paintings, colours, and creativity become carriers of her emotions. In her paintings, she persistently seeks the essential forms of objects and the essence of content. She explores like a traveller and then expresses what she discovers. She traced the roots of the Culture of Haryana to the early Stone Age culture existing in the present region of Haryana called Bramhavarta and believes that the local folk culture of Bramhavarta was carried forward by the women of this region. With her artwork, she asserts to propose and advocate the creative source and force of Vinayaki (The Women), her strength, and intellect inherent in all. Inspired by the folk culture in Haryana, she aspires to promote the cultural heritage of the state through her sombre and reductive artwork.

Aradhna Chaudhry is a Self-tutored, self-styled, medico-cum minimalist artist based out of Haryana, India. With a passion for the culture of Haryana and a vision to build a bridge between the existing and the imagined world, she renders mundane aesthetically and shows no stereotypical ways of seeing and representing the content. She holds a Diploma in Fine Arts from Delhi College of Art and an advanced course in Fine Arts from Glassel School of Arts, USA, and her artworks have been exhibited at the Gandhi Art Gallery, Visual Art Gallery, Indian Habitat Centre, Bikaner House, Kalamkar Gallery, and Glassel School of Arts (USA).