Hindustani vocals from Gwalior Gharana
Sameer Sharadchandra Abhyankar
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Sameer Abhyankar initially singing learnt from his grandfather Pt. S.K.Abhyankar. He has also had tutelage from Pt.Mukund Thatte and Pt Yashwantbua Joshi (A veteran of Gwalior & Agra Gharana) Sameer has his own unique way of rendering a Raga which is further enhanced with a superb command on Layakari. He has successfully performed on several prestigious musical platforms across the country. He has also performed on Insync Music Channel.

Sameer Abhyankar was chosen to be the voice of Late. Pt D.V.Paluskar in a Documentary Drama about the legend’s life and music.

In classical vocal music, Layakari (the rhythmic play) plays a very important role in enhancing the beauty of the performance. The rhythmic improvisations and Tihaai certainly add value to Raga Music. In this concert Sameer will focus on the different varieties of layakari and will showcase the technical virtuosity particularly in Gwalior style of singing.