Mein Amrita Kuch Kahi Kuch Ankahi

Lecture Demonstration and Performance
Dr Dimple Kaur Malhotra
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This event is presented in remembrance of the famous poet Amrita Pritam.

Though feminism came much later in the last century the emotions have always been there in pervasive and prevalent form. In her performance we can see the dreams and longing for love, which is beyond the realms of time and society and the practical reality of the dream, marriage which was beautifully captures in the poem Kuvanri (The Virgin) and is interpreted by the dancer in today’s manifestations of domestic abuse and marital rapes. The psychological numbness and quietness is portrayed in the poem titled Chup, followed by the poem titled Mere Dost Ae Mere Ajnabi is poem of hopefulness and yet the transitory nature of love and relationships. The cycle of love and pain continues as the longing intensifies. The next poem is about the undying spirit of the women “Suraj Nu Sare Khoon Maaf Han” and yet she says “I will meet you yet again…” and I am Swatantra Rooh (A liberated soul).

Amrita Pritam was a liberated woman in every sense of the word, as a person, poet and novelist. She freed herself from the shackles of religion and conventions, though brought up in a rigidly orthodox Sikh milieu that took the form of deliberate defiance of orthodox traditions; her free verse expressed the radical iconoclastic rebellion against accepted values.

Dr. Dimple Kaur, PhD, MS, is the founder director of IMATTER Institute of Behavioral Science and Sumangali Institute of Valuable Arts (SIVA), based in New Delhi, India. An accomplished Indian classical dancer ((Bharatanatyam, Vilasini Natyam and Chaau) and a practicing psychotherapist, she has done pioneering work in area of mind body development, dance movement therapy and has through her research brought therapeutic benefits using dance for number of physical and mental illness. She is also visiting faculty for Indian Classical Dance at various universities Her institutes aim at preserving & promoting the cultural heritage & promoting the mental well-being of people through research in arts and science. She is a former student of Padma Vibhushan Sonal Mansigh and Padma Bhushan Swapna Sundari and Padma Bhushan & Padma Sri Dr. Padma Subramaniyam

As an actor, she has worked trained and acted under direction of F. Alkazi, Bhaskar Ghose and has also acted in various TV serials and movies. She has directed over 20 professional dance and theatre productions. Her solo shows Main Amrita, Rape Unreported, Kali Darpanam, Aatm Rati are continuing their tour across India and Abroad.

Dr. Dimple Kaur has been awarded with multiple awards and recognitions including Nritya Ratna Award, Nritya Thrragai Award, Apoorva Pratibha Award, Lasya Mohini Award, National Theatre Excellency Award and Nritya Kamala Mani Samman.