Music: Gongs of a Bygone Era – Celebrating Tagore

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This is a celebratory concert marking the 162nd birth anniversary of Indian Nobel Laureate poet Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore.

Through a carefully knit mosaic of award-winning live music, dances, opera, and poetry with acting the premier performance will depict the collaterals drawn between Tagore and Raja Ram Mohan Roy (as this is his 250 years being celebrated).

Also known as the father of the age of Renaissance – Ram Mohan’s ethos, values, and establishment of Bramho Samaj profoundly impacted the works and the literary genius of Gurudev Tagore. Right from the establishment of the Ashrama to composing Gitanjali to the Nationalistic values – this spiritual impact a massive bearing on the songs, writings, prose, and poetry of Gurudev.

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