Music: Harmonium Recital

Dr Ravindra Gururaj Katoti
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Dr. Ravindra Gururaj Katoti, a prominent disciple of the legendary harmonium maestro Pt. Rambhau Bijapure, will be presenting Hindustani Classical music on the harmonium.

Dr Katoti carries forward the legacy of his illustrious Guru, his harmonium recital is characterized by clarity, fluency, and speed with expressive and emotive contents. Various facets of music will be presented in harmonium recitals.

The Harmonium is a wonderful musical instrument with western nativity, it was patented in France and can be termed a western instrument. The play of socio-cultural dynamics brought it to the Indian sub-continent about 150 years ago. Though the harmonium is almost extinct in most parts of the world, India has nurtured the harmonium and made it a part of our cultural fabric.