Music: Celebrating New Bhajan Album Sama

Bhavik Haria
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A special evening to celebrate vocalist Bhavik Haria’s new album 'Sama', featuring songs of virtue - sharing the idea of unity, harmony, and balance. Bhavik Haria with three other talented musicians will take you on a soulful journey to experience the sounds of a Bhajan using contemporary instruments. ‘Sama’ has been produced by Kaykay Chauhan with lyrics by Ajay Chandaran; and this is a production in partnership with Arts Council England.

The performance will serve as a transformative odyssey, reflecting the intricate nuances of human experience, from gratitude and compassion to the liberating power of forgiveness.

There will be an opportunity to interact with Bhavik during an audience Q&A session.

Bhavik Haria is an international musician who has returned from a sell-out tour of South Africa in March 2024. He is on a mission to inspire the next generation through music and to keep bhajans alive.