Nari Pranam

Neha Khaitan
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Neha Khaitan is a Bharatanatyam Dancer from Hyderabad, India. She is a disciple of Guru Hemamalini Vijaraghavan Arni. Guru Arni was trained under Padma Bhushan Smt. T. Balasaraswati in Abhinaya, and Padma Sri Vazhuvoor Ramaiah Pillai in Nritta and Neha has been trained in the same styles of Nritta and Abhinaya. Neha has been a performing artist for the last decade and she has received critical acclaim for her performances in India and Abroad. She has had the opportunity of performing at platforms like Narada Gana Sabha – Chennai (India), Brihadeeshwarar Temple in Tanjore (India), Department of Culture Andhra Pradesh (India), ICCR in Colombo (Sri Lanka), Natarajar Temple in Chidambaram (India), Pracheen Kala Kendra in Chandigarh (India) to name a few. Neha is eagerly looking forward to her upcoming performances at Paris (France) and Kandy (Sri Lanka).

Neha has been awarded as Natya Mauktika at Natya Pravah Festival in Hyderabad, Nruthya Jyothi at Naveen Kalakar Utsav in Bhubaneshwar and Nrithyavilasini at Nritha Nrithyathi Dance Festival in Bhilai. 

The artiste is going to present Nari Pranam - An ode to womanhood. Nari Pranam expresses reverence to a woman with its repertoire of pieces strung beautifully together, each piece depicting a different shade of womanhood. We see her as a young woman pining for her beloved, a mother worried about her daughter, a playful flirtatious young girl and a loving queen in awe of her little one. Neha easily gets into the skin of the character she is trying to depict and the viewer is amazed at the unfolding of different chapters in a woman’s life, so true to reality.