Kaak Choritro
Natokey Aatok
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As a satire that goes deep into society, Kaak Choritro is hard hitting. People wear faces in real life so therefore perception and reality are often different ... this play is about a playwright who wants to write a masterpiece inspired by people who do good around him ... only those people to be exposed about their actual reality by a scavenging crow whose principal thought is to provide for a hungry family while being witness to society.

The director, Dr Sandip Ray is an established laparoscopic general surgeon of Kolkata, who after his 6yrs of stay in UK and work in NHS went back to India. On his return, along with a very busy surgical practice he found a drama society Natokey Aatok, with likeminded friends, which regularly stage plays in Kolkata and also outside Kolkata on invitation. He has won prizes for his performance and direction at drama competitions. He has been acting on stage since his childhood and has taken his passion forward with a professional drama group Bohumukee also, with professional stage actors. He has also been invited and has directed and acted in plays in UK.