Journey of Life
Manju Lodha
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The Poetic Evening will be based on the beauty of childhood and the struggles of youth, ending with the grievances of age. Poems and verses will be intricately woven and will shift through passages of life.

It will be a journey which the poet has been through; the hardships she has faced and the positivity that has made her emerge victorious. Th is topic has been particularly chosen as we normally hear stories of rags to riches. But when the story has an added angle, may be a riches-to-rags-to-riches saga.

This is exactly how Manju Lodha’s life played out which she would like to talk about.

The “Journey of Life” would be to narrate her struggle and take us through funny anecdotes It’s a story every housewife will relate to, for it encourages one to dream and is proof that, With perseverance, dreams do turn to reality

Manju Lodhaji wanted to pursue her scholarly interests and gain knowledge. She dreamed of carving out a niche for herself in society , despite being unable to complete her education, She did eventually succeed in achieving both through her grit and determination.

Through this poetic evening, she would also like to share her keen interest in social work as she believes in giving back to the society.