Rupesh KC
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A creative and versatile artist from India, Rupesh K C has established himself with an experience of 27 years in the field of Dance. Rupesh is specialized in Bharatantayam, Bollywood, Indian Contemporary & Folk Dance forms. He is a graded artist of the Doordarshan Bangalore, Founder/Artistic Director of his institute “Arangam - Rupesh's Institute of Arts" & the principal performer of “Sāmarasya – The Dancing Duo”.

Rupesh has travelled extensively in the United Kingdom for 6 consecutive years, the United States of America, the Netherlands, Dubai, Malaysia & Sri Lanka to perform, conduct workshops as well as for Dance discourses. For an adept artist like Rupesh, Choreography remains his forte and he has enthralled a wide spectrum of audience with his innovative & picturesque ideas. Apart from being a Dancer/Choreographer, Rupesh is an Actor & Theatre artist with more than 25 productions that he has been part of.

Awards & Recognition:

“Natya Rooban” title conferred by Salangai Narthanalaya Academy of Fine Arts, London - 2013

ECA Krystal Award with the title “Achiever” – 2013

The "Pratibha Award" - 2013

Goldman Sachs Asia Pacific Federation Award - 2014

“Natyachaarya” title conferred by Hidden Idol, United Kingdom - 2018

“The Versatile Dancer” title conferred by Salangai Narthanalaya Academy of Fine Arts, London, 2019

"Natyasree" title conferred at NAADAM International festival held in Kerala, 2019

Rupesh will be presenting his choreographic works in a solo Bhratnatyam recital titled ‘ Rasanubhavam’. This will be a thematic presentation that focuses on certain hand-picked emotions in dance, woven into interesting episodes from the Indian Mythology.