Shades of Lambodara

Dr.Supriya Dudhal
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Dr Supriya Dudhal whose work is unique with distinct colours, is a strong believer of Lord Ganesha, and thinks that behind each aspect of Art work there is a thought of God. She is a renowned rangoli artist specialized for Poster rangolis , especially Kangra miniature paintings. She completed her Master’s Degree from Nagpur Fine Art College and was recently awarded Ph.D. in Fine Arts from Nagpur University. She has been Honoured Double Doctorate by World Record University in September 2017.

Supriya says – ‘Art for me is the key to the secret garden, my way down to the imaginary world Art has always been my first love and passion. It is a process of transforming views and thoughts on the canvas that has given me the ultimate results. Life is a diverse vibrant shade of colours and impression of our actions and reactions. I always aim to capture the existence of spirituality in my paintings and Art works. I see Ganesha forms in each and every thing present in nature.’