Talk: Introductions to the Ancient Science of Vedic Astrology

Dr. Shrey Pathak
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A large part of the Indian population has been exposed to Vedic Astrology in some way or the other. Most have horoscopes – a small pocket-sized booklet with an elaborate grouping of Sanskrit symbols and diagrams - prepared based on date, place, and exact time of birth, aided by ancient charts and almanacs that detail the placement of planets e.g., the sun, moon, certain stars, etc. Little is known that these horoscopes or “janampatris” (as better known) detail the individuals’ major life events - based on the same rules and criteria used and propounded by ancient Maharishis or Sages, who using their high psychic development examined terrestrial and celestial phenomena by their divine sight and spiritual meditations.

In this talk, Dr Pathak will introduce the audience to this ancient science, speaking about its origins’, and providing contextual differences between Eastern and Western Astrology, its development, and its relevance in our modern time. This will be followed by a brief discussion of the significance of planets and their implication in today’s modern life.

Dr. Shrey Pathak hails from Kolkata and has been in London for over a decade. With his Bachelors in Solid state Physics and a Ph.D. in Biophysics, he has always been interested in the scientific aspects of the cosmos which led him to gain this ancient knowledge.

Dr. Pathak is a certified practitioner - Acharya of Vedic Astrology.