Talk: Wisdom of Ayurveda in Modern Life

Aahar (Diet), Nidra (Sleep) & Lifestyle
Ayurveda Gurukula UK
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A team of experienced Ayurveda doctors from Ayurveda Gurukula U.K. will present a session on how Ayurveda's ancient wisdom can enhance modern, busy lives. The session will provide insights into healthy living through daily and seasonal practices, offering tips for improving life quality, reducing stress, and achieving balance. Join the session to find your balance with Ayurveda.

Vaidya Seema Datta, an Ayurveda graduate specializes in fertility support, perinatal care, and holistic well-being, focusing on diet and the gut-brain connection, With over 25 years of experience. Seema's global impact includes workshops for birth professionals and presentations at international Ayurveda conferences. She has received the Stardust Award (2017) and was named "Medical Champion of the Year 2018" at the Powerhouse Global Awards. Featured in "Mayfair Times" and "Mother and Baby," she is now an executive contributor for Ayurveda in "Rich Woman Magazine," inspiring women worldwide.

Dr. Ujwala Luthia, MD in Ayurveda Medicine from Mumbai, India, has over 20 years of experience as a practicing Ayurvedic doctor. Renowned for her analytical and passionate approach, she excels in accurate diagnostics and addressing the root causes of complex health issues. With a Masters in Sanskrit, she bridges ancient Ayurvedic knowledge with modern applications.

Vaidya Khyati Chheda, an Ayurveda graduate, has over 15 years of practice, effectively integrating Ayurveda into daily life by considering cultural, dietary, and lifestyle differences. She prioritizes holistic healing, addressing underlying causes of health issues. Currently, she focuses on empowering women's health through webinars and awareness programs. Specializing in gut wellbeing, chronic conditions, and pediatric cases, she also conducts yoga classes for adults and children, guiding patients to incorporate yoga into their wellness routines.