Art Exhibition
Shivani Mathur
Get Direction

Uninterrupted” is a personal story of liberation. It explores what inspires each and every one of us to rise, awaken and be free.

Born in Calcutta, the artist, Shivani Mathur, moved to London in 1998 to work as a trader in an investment bank. She was one of a rare breed - a ‘female trader’ in the City of London- and she loved it. Along with trading, she pursued, with equal dedication, a career in art. Her art has been exhibited at Bonham’s, Royal College of Art, Institute of Contemporary Arts, Royal Automobile Club, in Covent Garden for the Faberge Egg hunt and several other venues in the UK and USA.

This exhibition of paintings, sculptures, installations and video works at the Nehru Centre, London, focuses away from these moments of harmony to a more turbulent time. It is about a relentless journey. A journey to uncover the clouded and the opaque. It is what she calls “the uninterrupted pursuit of truth”.

The works in this exhibition are in bright colour. Shivani says “The world we live in is finite, constantly changing, and impermanent.The power within us is not. My journey has given me strength, resilience, perspective and a realisation that a closed door often shows the way forward.