Dance: Drama Ram Stuti based on Ramayana

Sarbani Ghosh
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The production embarks on the epic tale of Lord Rama, the seventh Avatar of Vishnu, through a chore-drama exploring his profound journey and trials. It begins with the treacherous plot by Kaikeyi and Manthara, leading to Rama's fourteen-year exile from Ayodhya. The exile captures the tender love between Rama and Sita and progresses to Rama's encounter with Surpanakha, leading to Maricha's deceitful death disguised as a golden deer. This sets the stage for Sita's abduction by Ravana, driven by revenge for Surpanakha's humiliation.

Rama's journey includes significant encounters, such as with Sabari Mata, whose unwavering patience and sacrifice deeply impact him. Her guidance leads Rama to Hanuman, embodying strength, wisdom, and devotion, becoming a crucial ally in rescuing Sita. The chore-drama features a hymn dedicated to Hanuman and portrays Rama's invocation of Goddess Durga through the Okal Bodhon puja, empowering him for the ultimate battle against Ravana.

The production culminates with the Ramastuti, celebrating Rama and Sita's triumphant return to Ayodhya, marking the end of Ravana's tyranny and the victory of righteousness. This journey highlights themes of love, devotion, courage, and the triumph of good over evil.

The performance features Sarbani Ghosh, a talented danseuse with a rich lineage in music and art. Mastering Bharatanatyam and other classical forms, she has captivated audiences worldwide.