Dance: Sacred Steps – Dancing in Devotion

Madhulita Mohapatra & Group
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Award-winning Odissi dancer, Madhulita Mohapatra leads her troupe with grace & precision. As the first note resonates, the auditorium transforms into a sacred space, where each movement is a prayer, and every gesture is an offering to the divine. The dancers, like celestial beings, weave tales of devotion with their bodies, their every step a brushstroke in the canvas of spirituality. Odissi dance, originating & flourishing in the temples of Odisha, is known to for its fluid grace, sculptural sensuality & deep spirituality. The living tradition of Odissi has been passed down through generations by Maharis (devdasis from Odisha) and Gotipuas (young boy dancers dressed as girls). With soft, lyrical movements synchronised to resonating beats of the mardala, accompanied by soulful vocals & melodious flute, this dance of lyrical beauty casts a spell on spectators. 'Sacred Steps' promises an evening where the earthly & the divine dance in harmony, leaving the audience spellbound and transported to the enchanted delight of spiritual, ecstasy & divine bliss.

A recipient of the prestigious Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar for Odissi dance by the Central Sangeet Natak Akademi (New Delhi) & the Kempegowda Award and an 'A' grade artiste of National Doordarshan (DD National) & an empanelled artiste of Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), Madhulita Mohapatra is counted among the leading Odissi dancers of the present younger generation. A disciple of Guru Shri Gangadhar Pradhan, Guru Smt. Aruna Mohanty, Guru Shri Pabitra Kumar Pradhan & Guru Krushnachandra Sahoo, she is admired & applauded by the connoisseurs & critics alike, for her profound artistry and her innate abhinaya quality. Madhulita Mohapatra is also a guest faculty of Reva University teaching master’s students of Odissi dance. She is selflessly devoted to the promotion & popularisation of Odissi in South Indian dance through her institution, Nrityantar, by performing, teaching, and nurturing finest talents.