Indian Classical Instrumental Fusion

Project Mishram
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Project Mishram is an Indian classical fusion band from Bangalore, India. Their music represents a mélange of genres from the west, centred on Indian classical music and they are the ‘only’ band from India invited to perform at the prestigious UK Tech Fest- 2019 this July alongside some amazing bands from all over the world. Th e band has been performing across India and has bagged many awards and recognition such as Maruti Suzuki-Colours of Youth, Yamaha- Swagbash to name a few and was also invited for a TED Talk last year.

They will perform an unplugged Carnatic instrumental fusion. The band members include

Pranav Swaroop the violinist has been performing across India and abroad and has worked with artists like Raghu Dixit, Benny Dayal to name a few and is a national level prize winner and graded artiste of All India Radio.

Shivaraj Nataraj the only Konnakkol beat boxer in India has represented the country at World Vocal conference, Italy and has recorded with playback singers and directors like Arjun Janya and Vijay Prakash.

Sanath Shanbogue the Mridangist and multi-percussionist has accompanied many senior Carnatic musicians and has won awards such as ‘Kishora Prathibha’ from Government of Karnataka.

SriShankar Sunder a guitarist trained in both western and classical nuances has played at various major venues including Music Mojo on Kappa TV-Season 5.

Sumant Nemmani Originally the lead guitarist for Project Mishram, Sumant is equally well versed with playing the bass. With both Carnatic and Western nuances of playing, Sumant has performed at many major music festivals across India.