Music & Discussion: Shared Values Festival

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This is a festival to project that arts of the Indian subcontinent are universal, welcoming, and inclusive.

Ustad Irfan Mohammed Khan is considered amongst the foremost musicians of the Lucknow Shahjahanpur Gharana. Irfan Mohammed Khan is a well-known Sarod player and scholar and historian of Hindustani music. He was trained in a traditional style by his father and uncle Ustads Umar and Ilyas Khan respectively and is the last representative of his family.

Clem Alford’s free-spirited adventure has carried on worldwide. The musician performed in many countries from West to East (India, Japan, and several other Asian countries). As a teacher and theorist Clem has written a guidebook to explain his philosophy and how you need to play the sitar

William Rees Hofmann is a multi-instrumentalist specialising in both the Indian Sarod and the Afghan Rubab. Representing the musical lineages of the Maihar Gharana as well as that of Ustad Nabi Gol of Kabul, he has been studying sarod for the past twelve years under the tutelage of Satyam Rai in Gujarat, India.

Giuliano Modarelli, originally from Italy, Giuliano is a London based guitarist, composer, and producer with a unique voice. Having studied Jazz at university, he went onto develop through the Indian classical tradition studying under UK renowned sitarist Dharambir Singh, Indian classical maestro Buddhadev Dasgupta and his senior disciple Prattyush Bannerjee

Jonathan Mayer started his sitar training at the age of 16, under the western sitarist Clem Alford who was a disciple of Sachindra Nath Saha from the Senia Gharana. In 1993 Jonathan began studying composition from Andrew Downes as well as sitar at the Birmingham Conservatoire.

Shayaan Saqib is a talented young UK-born sarod player studying under the mentorship of Pandit Arnab Chakrabarty, one of the leading exponents of the sarod representing the Lucknow- Shahjahanpur Gharana.

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