Symposium: International Sanskrit Symposium

Central Sanskrit University
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Central Sanskrit University (CSU) is the world’s only multi-campus institution dedicated to the study and promotion of Sanskrit language and Culture. It functions as a nodal agency for policy making and implementation with the Ministry of Education, Government of India.

Sanskrit and its study have attracted keen global interest and attention from scholars, historians, performing arts institutions, philologists and subject matter experts of Humanities and Social Sciences alike. Several Sanskrit texts authored in various disciplines have been of utmost value to the world.

CSU and Sanskruti Centre for Cultural Excellence have, as part of their MoU, organised staging of the classic drama Bhagavadajjukam in the UK and Ireland in 2023. For this year’s Symposium, the invited scholars and experts from different regions present their papers, discuss trends, and make their recommendations on aspects of environment, foster engagement through spoken word and elucidate how societies can be empowered and cultural relations strengthened- aligning with the theme of Environment, Engagement and Empowerment.

The Symposium takes place under the aegis of Prof. Shrinivasa Varakhedi, Vice Chancellor of the CSU and Member of the committee for the Vision & Roadmap for the development of Sanskrit, Ministry of HRD, Government of India

In association with Sanskruti Centre for Cultural Excellence